1. A House is not a home without a Pug.

After a lifetime of living and working with dogs & horses ....we have come to the conclusion that it is of paramount importance to breed for health  & subsequently the well being of these gorgeous creatures.

 We occasionally breed  healthy Pugs 

and endeavor to  breed to the best  ...and from the best dogs that we are aware of.

We are encouraged that some select breeding societies are gradually....

putting long term health issues  to the top of their breeding criteria and would like to commend their dedication for the future of this wonderful breed.


Furthermore we feel we owe it to the dogs we breed to pass them on to like - minded and responsible people who will ultimately have a unique loving ,charming companion who will put a smile on their face for the rest of their lives.

Ultimately "Pugs  just want to have fun"...& please. us..they never hold a grudge..and simply enjoy..companionship ...eating..walking...and...sleeping.......

We are the proud owners of our British bred Kennel Club  Girl 'Migang Miss Milan' (Gina) and he two stunning daughters Debbie &Florence .By Cedilla Remember me & Roxmarr Napoleon.


After years of research and  cooperation with a handfull of British top breeders

we eventually managed to acquire our very own gorgeous Stud dog 'William'.. British bred Kennel Club Stud dog 'Bilohka Brexiteer at Jaudette' .(Crufts young pug of the year 2020)

He is a perfect example of the breed..small/stocky 8kg with {like all our pugs) absolutely 100% health tested..clinical and genetic (clear) without compromise.

He has a confident, laid back temperament and has no breathing issues.


Best wishes.

Manuela & Mick Jackson


PS....we will be pleased to  help with any Pug  matters....we speak English and German.