Hello Pug & Puggle Fans.

 After a lifetime of living and working with dogs ...representing one of the leading British based animal feed companies for Germany Austria & Switzerland,  we have come to the conclusion that it is of paramount importance to breed for health  & subsequently 'happiness'.

 We occasionally breed  Pugs & Puggles

 in our cosy little....Mopszucht...and endeavor to  breed to the best  of our knowledge and from the best dogs that we are aware of.

We are encouraged that some select breeding societies are gradually....

putting long term health issues  to the top of their breeding criteria and would like to commend their dedication for the future of this wonderful breed.

Furthermore we feel we owe it to the dogs we breed to pass them on to like - minded and responsible people who will ultimately own a unique loving ,charming companion who will put a smile on your face for the rest of their lives.

Ultimately Pugs & Puggles just want to please...they never hold a grudge..and simply enjoy..companionship ...eating..walking...


PS....we will be pleased to  help with any Pug & Puggle matters....we speak English and German.